Salmonella Initiative

The ultimate output of AECL's Salmonella Initiative will be a through-chain risk assessment that includes research-based knowledge to be used as the basis for management of each risk which will also identify knowledge gaps that can be filled through the AECL R&D program.

Through the Salmonella Initiative AECL has been collaborating with relevant through-chain stakeholders (producers, retailers, health departments, regulators, food service operators, chefs) to identify appropriate controls measures at various stages through chain. For further information, please click here.

Egg Farmer of the Year

banner farmer of the year 2014The Australian Egg Corporation Ltd (AECL) congratulates the egg farmer finalists and the two who won awards at the Kondinin Group’s ‘Farmer of the Year Awards’.

The inaugural Egg Farmer of the Year award, sponsored by AECL, was won by Danny Jones, the Managing Director of Pure Foods in Tasmania. The Diversification Farmer of the Year award was won by cage egg farmer, Brian Ahmed, from LTs Eggs in Victoria.